Feedly's Migration To Its New RSS Server Has Begun, Is Messy

Good news: RSS-tracking service Feedly has begun migrating users onto its own servers — a necessary move since we’re less from a fortnight away from Google Reader switching off entirely. Bad news: when you migrate, you’ll find your unread articles count reset, and the service may misplace your saved articles as well.

Feedly’s own Twitter posts make it clear that the unread count issue is an unavoidable consequence of how the migration is being staged in a tight time frame:

People using RSS feeds generally fall into two camps: those who mark everything off, and those who are happy with an unread count in the thousands. If you’re in the former camp (like me), you’ll need to check the unread articles until you run into stuff you know you’ve read, and then mark everything as read (use the Tick symbol at the top of the screen). If you already had a huge unread count, chances are you won’t care if the number changes.

The saved articles glitch is more annoying. I pinged Feedly on Twitter about it, and got this fairly minimal response:

I’m going to translate that as “not an issue we’ll be actively addressing immediately”.

So what to do? Up until this point, Feedly has been syncing with Google Reader, and that hasn’t yet disappeared. So your best bet to retrieve the unsaved article list is to dive back into Google Reader and export that data again (or note the stuff you really need). Just make sure that happens before 1 July.

We need a good Reader alternative, and so far I’ve been favouring Feedly, largely because of its keyboard shortcut support. Minor glitches are to be expected, and for a free service things are mostly working well. If Feedly isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other alternatives.

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