Feedly Adds New Features To Help Users Transition From Google Reader

Chrome/Firefox/Safari: Google Reader may be shutting down, but Feedly is already an immensely popular alternative. Feedly has just released 10 new features to help ease the transition.

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Feedly has updated its interface to make it a bit more friendly to Google Reader converts, while making it easy to switch between all its different views. Its List View is denser now, similar to what Google Reader fans are used to, while also adding keyboard shortcuts and better sorting methods. Here's Feedly's summary of the changelog:

  • Firefox upgrade from old v10 codebase to latest v14 codebase.
  • A new left selector design. Less loud — more more all caps.
  • Better read/unread contrast
  • Sort alphabetically
  • Denser, cleaner list view
  • n/p keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fast view switching
  • Faster saving.
  • Better LinkedIn integration.
  • Better recommendations.
  • Memory optimisation

For the full detailed list of changes, hit the link below. Firefox and Safari users will have to update manually, so be sure to uninstall your current plug-in and reinstall to see the new features.

10 new features for a smoother transition [Building Feedly]


    Does anyone know what the rationale is behind Feedly using a plugin rather than being accessible from any old web browser at any time?

      I have also wondered that. Love it on my phone and ipad and I've been using it on and off on my PC but what if I want to use it on a computer that isn't mine? I can't be installing a plug in all the time. Just seems strange.

    Feedly has become my favourite RSS reader. I moved away completely from G Reader. The integration with pocket and instapaper is the cherry on top of the cake!

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