Android 4.x Is Finally The Most Common Android Release

Hallelujah! It’s taken more than a year and a half for the 4.x iterations of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean) to overtake the older Gingerbread version in total users, although there’s still a long way to go.

Updating an Android phone can be a genuine pain, and that’s rather backed up by figures cited by InformationWeek that show that the Android 4.x family has only just become the most common, with 45.1 per cent of all devices running either Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean. It’s not a surprise that Jelly Bean adoption is on the rise, although it’s interesting to note a drop in Ice Cream Sandwich reporting. Presumably some of that drop comes from devices shifting to Jelly Bean, as and when they can. Android fragmentation remains a problem, and it’s only likely to get worse with Key Lime Pie expected at Google’s I/O conference in May.

InformationWeek also cites stats relating to iOS takeup, where the rate is significantly faster. In the 36 hours after the release of iOS 6.1 in January, 22 per cent of the userbase had adopted it, despite many holding back due to Apple Maps being so remarkably awful. Since the September 2012 release of iOS 6, 60 per cent of devices have switched up to iOS 6.

Android 4.x Finally Surpasses Gingerbread [InformationWeek]

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