Why You Should Never Forward An FYI Email

Keeping your email inbox under control is a constant battle for everyone. Don’t make life harder for other people by incessantly forwarding emails without explanation. Simply adding ‘FYI’ is a cop-out.

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The Smarter Admins blog highlights a number of common mistakes with email forwarding. The one that jumped out for us was the importance of not simply forwarding a message with ‘FYI’ tagged onto it without providing some context:

Click forward, insert “FYI”, ass covered… right? Wrong. If the information contained in that email is important for a person, take the time to debrief them on it. Don’t expect them to scroll through the last twenty emails to try work out what is going on.

As well as keeping your co-workers happy, this is good karma: the more people who do this, the fewer unneeded messages everyone will have. Hit the post for more hints on when using the forward option is a bad idea.

3 Email Forwarding Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them [Smarter Admins]

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