Qantas Asking Customers To Define A Reasonable Price For In-Flight Internet

Qantas has been running seemingly endless trials of in-flight mobile network and Internet access, but to date the only in-flight service it has actually offered is SMS on international flights. But it looks like things might finally be moving, with the airline sending out a customer survey to gauge interest in the service — and ask how much people are willing to pay for it.

A current Qantas survey sent to members of its customer experience panel asks for details of which devices are used on its flights, and which online services would be of most use onboard. The most interesting question is an entirely open-ended one:

How much would you be willing to pay for connectivity services per domestic flight, regardless of flight time?

No-one was anticipating that Qantas would offer in-flight access for free, but it’s interesting that it hasn’t simply decided to copy the pricing models used in the US, where in-flight Wi-Fi is now very much the norm. How much would you pay for in-flight Internet? Or would you rather got on a plane guaranteed to be free of people saying “I’m on the plane” loudly? Tell us in the comments.

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