Do Mobile Email Signatures Get On Your Goat?

Smart phones are invariably configured to add a “Sent from my iPhone” or “Sent from my BlackBerry” signature. While their presence often reflects users who can’t be bothered (or don’t how) to change default settings, they can also convey a dismissive attitude to the recipient.

Gartner research analyst Craig Roth argues on his blog that the “sent from” tag can suggest that the recipient doesn’t value your message very much, and is only replying briefly from their phone rather than giving you their full attention:

I still find an increasing proportion of instances where that signature follows an email that is annoyingly short on details and fails to form a connection. For example, I may have brought up a complex issue and just had one minor part of it responded to.

Of course, “sent from” tags also help explain any typos in a message, so their role isn’t necessarily dismissive. But I’m interested in how Lifehacker readers react to those tags. Do you even notice them? Do they bother you? Have you changed yours? Tell us in the comments.

Sent from my iPhone [Gartner: Craig Roth]

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