• Ask LH: How Can I Get Multiple People To Sign Electronic Documents?

    Dear Lifehacker, My company has work-from-home employees, directors and contractors spread throughout Australia. When we have a document that requires multiple signatures, I ask each person to sign, scan and email their own copy back to me. Common sense would suggest that the collection of each of these individually signed (but otherwise identical) documents equals…

  • Six Good Reasons To Use An Email Signature

    Back in the 1990s when email signatures first became popular, they received a bit of a backlash when senders starting abusing their “email powers” and added too many graphics, their own favourite quotations and the dreaded, Comic Sans font (sometimes in multiple colours!). An email signature should be considered a good thing. But it needs…

  • Ask LH: How Can I Automate Signing Documents?

    Dear Lifehacker, I’m trying to find software that could be used in conjunction with Dropbox or other features to allow people to put a signature on a document and email it back or otherwise. I’m trying to cut back on paper and hug some trees! Any suggestions? Thanks, Signing Up