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  • 8 Ways You Can Make the Windows 11 Taskbar More Useful

    8 Ways You Can Make the Windows 11 Taskbar More Useful

    The Windows 11 taskbar is one of the new operating system’s best features — elegant, minimalist, and visually distinct. Yet while we’re generally fans of the redesign, there are ways to make it better. For example, by default, you can’t move the taskbar to any position you want, or even change its size. But you…

  • Windows 95 Is Back – And It Runs On Mac And Linux!

    Last year, software developer Felix Rieseberg released a version of Windows 95 that could run on a number of different platforms using a framework called Electron. That first release was kinda fun and ran a few basic apps and games but Rieseberg has come back for a version 2.0 release that includes a web browser,…

  • How To Run Windows 95 On An Apple Watch

    If you were born before the early 90s, chances are you’ll remember Microsoft’s Windows 95, the popular operating system that is still loved today. It celebrated its 20th birthday last year and now somebody has figured out a way to install it onto an Apple Watch and has outlined the steps to do so.