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If you'd rather not fight for kettlebells at the gym or just want to work out at home, one well-chosen kettlebell is versatile, compact and pretty cost-effective. You just have to sift through the myriad sizes, brands, styles and weights. Here's how to tell what matters and what's useless.


A sauna, a jacuzzi, trainers with clipboards and smiling pearly whites, and whoa — is that a smoothie bar?! All of these attractive features can seem really, really great, which the sales associates are sure to point out, but let's remember that's not what you're at the gym for.


As motivated as you are now to turn over a new leaf, you won't really transform your eating habits overnight. Eating healthy is both a skill and a habit that takes time to develop. To get you started, these are 14 of our no-frills, no-BS articles to set you straight on the path to better health.