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VLC, the Swiss Army knife of media players, has been updated to version 3.0.0. The latest version adds some much-needed features to the player, including one that could make streaming all that content from your computer to your living room TV a lot easier: Chromecast support (among other things).


If you've been hitting VLC's nightly builds, then most of the new features of v3.0.0 will be old news. For everyone else, the major update -- the first since 2.0.0 came out in 2012 -- adds loads of goodness, including native Chromecast support, hardware HEVC decoding and advanced network browsing. While VLC's website hasn't been updated, there's no need to wait: you can grab the official release right now.


VLC is one of the most popular media players around. It works on most platforms and can handle almost any type of file. It's damn near perfect, but you could be getting even more out of VLC by using experimental nightly builds instead of the official version.

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Ever find yourself wondering whether you should use VLC media player or Media Player Classic? Going forward, the answer is easy - because the MPC-HC project has officially carked it.


It's hard to say if 360-degree videos will ever be more than a novelty -- especially with the rising popularity of VR -- but the folks behind VLC are confident it'll be around for a while, so much so the developers have pushed out a technical preview of VLC with support for 360-degree videos and photos.


Upon removal, a good program will give you the option to clear old settings, be they in a folder or the registry. This lets you get rid of every last remnant to calm your OCD, or troubleshoot issues caused by preferences from older versions. When you aren't given the ability to do this easily, you'll have to do some investigating yourself.