Media Player Classic Is Dead

Media Player Classic Is Dead

Ever find yourself wondering whether you should use VLC media player or Media Player Classic? Going forward, the answer is easy – because the MPC-HC project has officially carked it.

Media Player Classic, of course, will continue to operate on your computer as long as you have it installed. But the project itself has come to a close, as was announced by the developers on the MPC-HC website.

“For quite a few months now, or even years, the number of active developers has been decreasing and has inevitably reached zero,” the post reads. “This, unfortunately, means that the project is officially dead and this release would be the last one.”

Media Player Classic has long been one of the preferred free video players for users on the internet, particularly among anime fans as it comes bundled certain packages of the K-Lite Codec Pack. MPC was also beloved for its snappy interface, wide file support, and more recently, the ease with which it played H.265 files. Of course, VLC is supported up and down the internet as well. VLC was also the go-to solution for media streams (before Twitch, at least) and it’s also quite versatile for those who need support on other operating systems.

Regardless of people’s preferred media client, it’s sad to see the MPC-HC project come to an end. It’s astonishing to see a project go through 11 years of development only to come to an end, although it is still a superb piece of software that works pretty much flawlessly – at least for those on Windows. But as the H.265 codec becomes more popular and newer codecs and containers come into the fray, along with 360 and VR video, Media Player Classic will fade into the distance.

There’s a chance that the MPC project will continue, should a developer step up to help out. But failing that, the Media Player Classic project is over. You can download the final (in all likelihood, anyway) version of MPC-HC on the official website.


  • Media Player Classic Black Edition is still alive though and is apparently just as good.

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