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  • How to Zoom Without Having to See Your Own Face

    How to Zoom Without Having to See Your Own Face

    See if this scenario sounds familiar: You’ve put on your best Zoom shirt for your daily work check-in, you’ve poured the wine for your weekly friend hangout, you’re ready to engage in some digital face-to-face connection ” but you spend the entire chat session staring at your own face. Happily, if you want to change…

  • The Best Free Alternatives To Zoom

    The Best Free Alternatives To Zoom

    While the popularity of the video conferencing service Zoom has skyrocketed since the outbreak of the coronavirus, recent news of its many security and privacy issues might have you feeling nervous about using it. In the video above, I share three free alternatives you should try instead.

  • Remove Zoom From Your Mac Right Now

    The Zoom video conferencing app contains two big security issues for Mac users. First, uninstalling the app the regular way doesn’t actually remove it from your system; instead, by installing Zoom, you’ve actually installed a persistent web server on your system that can be used to reinstall the app without your permission.