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For everyone subscribed to the philosophy of GTD, myself included, task managers are essential to managing the process digitally. Of course, they're only useful if you actually use them, as evidenced by the trail of task managers I've left in my wake as I search for one with the right combination of cross-platform access, easy task management, and a little bit of sharing functionality. It would also help if it were in a place I wouldn't forget about (or avoid) such as my web browser.


Mac only: When you're performing processor-intensive processes, it can really slow the rest of your system down. Free app ProcessRenicer allows you to give specific apps a higher (or lower) CPU priority, so your computer doesn't get bogged down so easily.


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Android: Itching Thumb is an Android task manager that displays running tasks (in a fashion similar to the alt-tab function in Windows) with live preview and enables gesture-based application launching.


Linux tip: Many users are all too familiar with using Ctrl+Alt+Del (or Cmd+Opt+Esc on a Mac) to kill unresponsive processes. There isn't a comparable keyboard shortcut for Linux by default, but there are a number of equivalent methods for dealing with stuck processes.