• How Deep Should You Squat?

    I’m a person who can appreciate the great diversity of squats in our world. High squats, low squats, front squats, back squats—they’re all beautiful. And yet, people on the internet love to argue about which squat is the best. So here’s a little guide to squat depth, and how to find the squat that’s right…

  • Learn How To Fail At Squatting

    Over on a recent Reddit thread, several users shared advice on how they cope with their fear of death by squats. According to one Redditor — who said they broke a rib while squatting—using a spotter can help. But the easiest thing to do is to practice failing and to do so in a squat…

  • What To Focus On As You Learn To Squat

    What To Focus On As You Learn To Squat

    Squatting seems so complicated when somebody is telling you all the things that can go wrong — knees behind toes! Butt farther down! Head up! But not too up! If you’re following our challenge, you’re probably doing a lot more squats than you ever have before, so let’s talk about how we’re doing them.