Render Poultry Scraps For Delicious Cooking Fat

We all know to save bird bones to make stock, but the excess skin and fat you find yourself with after butchering a piece of poultry is just as valuable. With very little effort on your part, you can render out some of the tastiest cooking fat around.

Leftover Salad Makes A Pretty Good Scramble

It is easy to get overenthusiastic at the salad bar. I tend to both overestimate my appetite and underestimate the filling nature of fibre, and thus usually end up with at least half a cup of salad that is fully dressed with nowhere to go. Unless it’s made of sturdy…

Carrot Tops Make A Surprisingly Good Pesto

Video: Welcome back to Eating Trash With Claire, the Lifehacker series where I convince you to transform your kitchen scraps into something edible and delicious. In this episode, I show you how to make a delicious, hearty pesto out of carrot tops.