• Use These 3 Skills to Increase Your Emotional Agility

    Use These 3 Skills to Increase Your Emotional Agility

    If you’ve found yourself having an overblown reaction to something relatively small during the past year or so, you’re not alone. We’re all juggling so much — mentally and emotionally — that it can be difficult to continuously have to process everything that comes our way. These can be anything from major threats — like…

  • You Should Feel Sad On Your Birthday

    Everyone likes a little cry sometimes; that’s why there are sad songs and movies and books. A little elective melancholy exercises your emotions even when your actual life is going well, and it can leave you mentally and physically refreshed. Some times are particularly well-suited: rainy days, late nights, and birthdays.

  • The Surprising Benefits Of Sadness

    Homo sapiens is a very moody species. Even though sadness and bad moods have always been part of the human experience, we now live in an age that ignores or devalues these feelings. More’s the pity. Here’s why bad moods are good for you.