Dear NBN, That Is A Very Old Video Game Controller

This is a story that starts out weird, and gets a whole lot weirder.

Let's begin with this tweet.

This is a tweet about an advertisement from the NBN, about "gaming online in a whole new way". Presumably we're talking about how fast internet will TRANSFORM YOUR ONLINE EXPERIENCE.

Okay. Cool. Fair enough.

But yes, as the tweet points out, that's a pretty old controller. Looks like a Dualshock 3 at first glance. A controller that came out in 2006. 11 years ago.

11 years ago.

Folks, your PlayStation 3 online experience is about to be changed forever.

But the story gets better.

Check this out:

Syama Mishra found the original. The image used in this NBN advertisement isn't a Dualshock 3, it's a Dualshock 2 (a 17 year old controller) photoshopped to look like a Dualshock 3 (an 11 year old controller). They've removed the cable and added a USB port. Also worth noting: the massive gap beneath the controller where the girl's torso should be.

Oh dear.

Hardly the best look when you're trying to market the NBN as cutting edge technology.

Perhaps the craziest part of this story: Scott Rhodie, who made the original tweet calling out the ad, actually ran digital communications for the NBN from 2011 until 2013. Once upon a time he'd be the person typing out this tweet:

Obviously it's not a huge deal, just a badly put together image but symbolic perhaps of a tough couple of years the NBN.


    That ad matches the period of the NBN.

    Having attempted to wade through the mass of stomach churningly self-congratulatory barely-truths that are the NBN Twitter and Facebook feeds, the (in)accuracy of a borrowed photo they've used is the least of their followers' concerns.

    So take 90's tech, update it badly to match mid 2000's tech. Seems like an ad for HFC

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