• Here’s When Your Relationship Needs Separate Beds

    Here’s When Your Relationship Needs Separate Beds

    Sleeping with your partner in the same bed is synonymous with relationship bliss. Waking up next to the love of your life, cosy cuddles, and sex? What’s not to like, right? For a number of couples, the answer is — everything. While tradition says partners should sleep together in the same bed, that choice might…

  • What To Do When Your Airbnb Is Terrible

    When you base your decision entirely on well-lit photos of furniture, booking an Airbnb is always a gamble. Over on Elliot Advocacy, executive director Michelle Couch-Friedman recounted the story of one traveller who clearly lost this bet when she booked a rental in Paris — only to discover that the listing wasn’t what was promised.…

  • How To Critique An Airbnb Rental

    On AirbnbHell — a website devoted to nightmare experiences on Airbnb — guests share their stories of staying in rentals with ant and cockroach infestations, units with “fake” seaside views, and apartments that don’t even exist.