• Make ‘Fake Risotto’ With Leftover Rice

    Make ‘Fake Risotto’ With Leftover Rice

    Last night, when I opened my fridge to make dinner, I was confronted with two truths: My leftover rice was getting a little too dry, and my mushrooms had maybe 24 hours before they’d start to get slimy. I had already made a fair amount of fried rice and was craving something creamy. Mushroom risotto…

  • Improve Your Oatmeal By Treating It Like Risotto

    I am a staunch savoury breakfast eater. Though I love sugar, starting my day with it leads to all sorts of issues, and I just never crave sweets upon waking. For this reason, I’ve always avoided oatmeal, a bland gruel that’s usually doctored with butter, sugar, and other toppings fit for a cookie.