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Uber has become a verb for getting a ride, much like Google simply has come to mean search. But Europe's fastest growing ride-share service, Taxify, aims to change that. The company has added Australia to its list of 20 countries where the service is making inroads into the competitive ride-share industry.

The company is promising lower fares for passengers and a bigger cut for drivers with 4000 drivers already on their local books.


When you're heading home from a night out with friends, sharing an Uber often makes a lot of sense. However, up until now, you'd have to verbally tell your driver you were going to make a few stops, and then input a new address each time someone gets out of the car. It's a process that works, but tends to be pretty frustrating for both you and the driver.


In a bid to be even more competitive on price, Uber is dropping prices in south-east Queensland from today. While the fare drop is being implemented on a trial basis, Uber Queensland's general manager Sam Bool has said that similar trials have turned up good results in both Melbourne and Perth.


On Friday October 30, Australia's first legal, regulated Uber launched in the ACT. As yet, it is the only Australian territory to have legalised -- and regulated -- the controversial ridesharing service, yet UberX continues to operate in other states across Australia. With recent talk of federal politicians potentially being allowed to use Uber for business, it seems like Uber is here to stay.