Uber Competitor ‘Taxify’ Launches With Half-Price Fares, No Surge Pricing

Uber Competitor ‘Taxify’ Launches With Half-Price Fares, No Surge Pricing
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Uber has become a verb for getting a ride, much like Google simply has come to mean search. But Europe’s fastest growing ride-share service, Taxify, aims to change that. The company has added Australia to its list of 20 countries where the service is making inroads into the competitive ride-share industry.

The company is promising lower fares for passengers and a bigger cut for drivers with 4000 drivers already on their local books.

Taxify is launching in Sydney initially, with the first rides available from today at 10:00AM. For the next month, at least, fares will be halved, so you get a chance to give them a try without breaking the bank. And there won’t be any surge pricing during that time.

Samuel Raciti, Australia Country Manager for Taxify, adds: “Drivers can expect to earn more when driving with Taxify, and riders can expect to save money at the same time. We value and reward loyalty, and are excited to offer a new experience to Sydneysiders. Our focus as a company has always been providing our drivers with higher revenue-per-ride, as we’re firm in our belief that happy drivers means happy riders.”

Drivers will be able to set up a radius for pickups for those who don’t want to drive too far with commissions set at 15% for the operators of the service. And passengers have access to a 24-hour fully-staffed customer service channel.

When I’m in the US, I see lots of competition between Uber and Lyft with many drivers being registered with both services. This gives drivers access to a broader pool of potential customers and passengers can choose which service offers better value and faster pickup. Hopefully we’ll see the same happen here with Uber and Taxify.


  • I think a lot of people miss the point of surge pricing.

    The whole point of it is to encourage more drivers to be on the job. More people driving = Surge goes down.

    Id rather pay surge pricing and have an uber driver actually turn up than pay regular taxi rates and have to wait hours for a taxi.

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