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Uber has updated their Community Guidelines saying that riders that fail to heed warnings and who fall below a minimum average rating will lose access to the Uber app. They say this mirrors similar rules they have for "driver-partners" and will help to ensure both drivers and passengers have the best experience possible.


At least one driver working for Uber has been livestreaming passengers without their consent, according to a recent story in the St Louis Post-Dispatch. Viewers on Twitch have been rating the female passengers, speculating about incomes, and chatting about the marriages and personal lives of unsuspecting users of the ridesharing service.


After launching in Perth and Sydney, Ola is bringing its ride-sharing service to the sunny-then-cold-then-sunny-again, caffeine-fueled city of Melbourne. Rejoice, Melbournians. To celebrate their arrival in yet another city, they're offering free rides to get you moving.


I love the concept of ride sharing services like Lyft or Uber, and I use them all the time when I travel or feel the urge to paint the town red. But it's not just because they're convenient; I like to talk to the drivers! And I wouldn't trade all the stories, advice and near head-on collisions for anything.