Free Rides And 50% Off As Ola Makes Its Way To Brisbane, The Gold Coast And Canberra

Image: Ola

In Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, Ola Cabs have been trying to grab a piece of the ride sharing pie off of Uber and Taxify. Their slice seems to be getting bigger and bigger, today launching in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Canberra.

If you're looking at using ride share services today or across this weekend - you can score some pretty decent discounts.

I've been using Ola a little more, but still haven't found it worthy of supplanting Uber when I need a ride share. They do seem to be getting more and more drivers onto the road, but they're a little ...pushy. They love sending notifications and emails to alert you to their deals (which makes sense, as they try to outperform both Uber and Taxify) - so much so that I've had to block pop-up notifications on my phone. The ride experience itself hasn't really changed. Ride sharing is still ride sharing - but at least users in Queensland and the ACT will now have alternatives to choose from.

If you are looking for an Uber alternative this week, two offers are on the table:

  • Brisbane and Gold Coast users: You will be able to get one free ride up to a value of $20. The offer is valid for one week from the date you sign up.
  • Canberra users: Your deal isn't quite as good. You can get 50% off rides (up to a value of $10). This offer is also valid for one week from sign up, but you need to enter the coupon code CAN50.

Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart — sorry. No love for you yet, but that's okay because you can get around all your wonderful cities in about 30 minutes just by walking anyway. No hard date for Ola's arrival in those capitals has been set, but new details will be shared in the future.

You can grab the Ola app in the Play Store and the App Store.

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Let us know how your ride share experiences with Ola have been in the comments.


    i will sign up once............. i would like know my cost from Paradise waters surfers paradise to Brisbane airport going to and back package price please start 6am 2nd AUGUST RETURN ABOUT 10AM 20TH AUGUST


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