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Lifehacker readers know that goal setting and New Year’s resolutions don’t always work out (resolutions, specifically, have a high potential to fail).

But if you there’s something you want to achieve, it’s also undeniable that naming it, making a plan and taking specific and consistent steps is the best way to accomplish it. And the new year is as good a time as any to start doing that, assuming you’re lenient with yourself and understand that everyone faces setbacks at some point. Particularly with money.


I don't really do resolutions like "running" or "clean eating," but I do enjoy the "take charge of your life!" energy that each January brings. Instead of harnessing that energy to start a diet, consider making a few resolutions that aim to improve your kitchen and kitchen-related skills.


The rest of November and December, which encompass a morass of religious ceremonies, rampant consumerism, and insane eating, often feel like a wash. New Year’s Eve is a shining beacon, the time when we’ll reset all our filthy habits — so, why bother now? Because setting a pre-resolution-resolution can still turn some aspect of your life around.


Is today the day you're going to start working out more often? Or are you just getting back to what you used to do before all the holiday parties messed with your schedule? Either way, it's time to get started. We've picked out six workouts that are perfect for your first (or second) day back.