• Freshen Up Your Rental With Kmart’s DIY Range

    Freshen Up Your Rental With Kmart’s DIY Range

    As if Kmart couldn’t get any better, they’ve now launched an affordable DIY decorator range that will let you become the renovation superstar you were always meant to be. If you’ve got some bland white walls in your rental that you can’t paint or nail things into, then Kmart’s new range gives you the opportunity…

  • How To Avoid Airbnb Scams

    Last week, a couple spent over $17,500 on a two-week stay at an Airbnb in Ibiza, Spain — only to discover the listing was a fraud. Upon check-in, they learned that the property didn’t even exist and found themselves scrambling to find a hotel last-minute while struggling to communicate with Airbnb.

  • Should You Book An Airbnb That Has No Reviews?

    While looking through a particularly beautiful Airbnb listing, you might think to yourself: This place is too good to be true. You browse the listing’s photos, read about its amenities, which include a pool and a sundeck, and it’s around this time when you discover the listing has zero reviews.