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“What is a website that everyone should know about but few people actually know about?” asks redditor tj007s13. This is a common question on Reddit, but every time it gets new answers. Here are some of our favourite answers from the thread.


Gym mats are cheaper if you search for 'horse stall mats' instead. Weddings are cheaper if you call it a birthday party. What are some other things that get cheaper when you call it something else? Here are 20 of the best answers from a recent Reddit thread.


The problem with manipulating your kids is that they’ll manipulate you back. And in an Ask Reddit thread, thousands of people shared stories of parental lessons that backfired. They all teach their own lessons, mostly that kids will surprise you every time.


Redditors are sharing their favourite “life pro tips” in an AskReddit thread, and we’ve collected the best below. Strung together, they feel like a mundane modern Art of War: Briefly-worded tactics and strategies for fighting the good fight. Learn tricks for falling asleep, starting hard tasks and calculating percentages.