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The idea of biting into a nice juicy piece of fruit and piercing your mouth isn't a great one for your appetite, but the chance of it happening to you is very, very small. So when you do your next big fruit and veg shop, don't give in to all the 'sabotage' hype, just do your shopping and even potentially enjoy some lowered prices on your favourite fruits.


If you have bought strawberries in NSW, Queensland and Victoria, you should probably throw them out. Reports are coming in of sewing needles being found in strawberries sold by Woolworths, with one Queensland man ending up in hospital and two more people in Victoria reporting similar instances. Police believe the needles were intentionally placed to cause injury.

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People around the world depend on their EpiPen to work in the case of life-threatening allergic reactions. But two people recently found out the hard way that their EpiPens were faulty. As a result, the makers of EpiPen are recalling over 81,000 EpiPens in Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Ireland and Japan.