Urgent: Strawberries Recalled After Needles Found In Punnets

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If you have bought strawberries in NSW, Queensland and Victoria, you should probably throw them out. Reports are coming in of sewing needles being found in strawberries sold by Woolworths, with one Queensland man ending up in hospital and two more people in Victoria reporting similar instances. Police believe the needles were intentionally placed to cause injury.

The contaminated strawberries have all come from one farm in south-east Queensland, and are sold in Woolworths under the brand names Berrylicious and Berry Obsession. If you have any strawberries from these brands, the safest course of action is to throw them out.

One person reported having accidentally swallowed half a sewing needle, after biting into a strawberry and feeling a sharp snap. Another strawberry with a sewing needle was found in the same punnet. The man later went to ER after experiencing severe abdominal pain, though nothing was found in a subsequent xray.

Police in all three states affected are investigating.


    What kind of sick fuck does that :(
    Imagine if kids got a hold of the strawberry box...

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