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It used to be that when someone died, their executor would follow a standard roadmap to settle their estate: clean out the house, go through the file cabinets, and file a tax return at the end of the year. Now this wasn't exactly easy - handling the administration after a loved one's death can be emotionally and logistically brutal - but at least everything you were dealing with was tangible. Nowadays we live our lives at least partly online, and that can mean a big headache for our families when we die: How do you sort through the deceased digital accounts and possessions when you don't even know what they are?


Netgear has warned customers that they have seen "suspicious activity" on user accounts associated with their Arlo security cameras. The company is very clear in saying they don't believe their systems have been breached. Rather, investigations suggest attackers may be using credentials obtained from other breaches and using those to attempt to gain unauthorised access to Arlo accounts. This is an object lesson in why you should use a unique password for every account and, preferably, use two-factor authentication on everything.


Password managers are an important part of our online lives. While Apple's Keychain works well enough if you live completely in their walled garden, the reality is most of us need a multi-platform solution. One of those options is OneLogin. And the company has revealed their systems were accessed by unauthorised parties this week.