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Android 9 Pie was released late last year, first appearing on Google's Pixel smartphone before other phone makers began the task of testing their hardware and adding their own customisation. So, which phone makers have released Android 9 Pie to their customers?


Over the last few months, we've been hearing about how Telstra, Optus and Vodafone have been preparing for the future and building their 5G networks. Well, they better get a wiggle on. Almost every major phone maker either has or will have 5G handsets on the market this year. Here's what the five biggest phone makers on the planet have on their 5G horizons.


While the big flagship smartphones keep getting more and more expensive, something completely different is happening down the budget end of the range: they're getting so much better. Here are a selection of phones that'll give you everything you need in a smartphone, all for less than $400.


The Oppo Find X is one of the best lower premium smartphones on the market - especially if you hate notches and love photography. With a true edge-to-edge screen and innovative pop-up camera, it's a bright beacon of originality in a sea of samey Androids. Currently, you can get $500 off the Find X at JB Hi-Fi when you bundle it with a $65 phone plan. Here are the details!


For better or worse, an increasing number of smartphone manufacturers have embraced the notch. Making its debut on the Essential Phone before exploding into the mainstream with the iPhone X, it allows phones to have a 'bezel-free' display without compromising the camera, sensors or other front-facing components.

Some people consider notched displays to be a necessary evil. Others think they're an abomination. Whichever viewpoint you prescribe to, it turns out you can have an edge-to-edge screen without relying on a notch - all you need is a pop-up camera. Genius.


Whether you're buying for an audiophile or perhaps looking for a cheeky present for yourself, you can't go past a good set of headphones. Here are 5 of our favourites that hit a range of different price points.


The R11 is the latest photographer-friendly smartphone from Chinese manufacturer Oppo. It boasts a dual rear camera and a 20-megapixel front camera for greater shooting versatility. Here are the specifications, pricing and availability details for Australia.