Huawei And Oppo Are Absolutely Killing It In Australia

Huawei and Oppo smartphones are booming in Australia. The number of Australians owning Huawei handsets grew an impressive 87% to 471,000 between 2016 and 2018, according to Roy Morgan.

Rival handset maker Oppo, which only entered the Australian market in late 2014, has also grown from a standing start to be Australia’s seventh most widely held handset with 368,000 Australians owning one of the company's devices.

While the popularity of Oppo is growing faster than any of the other leading handset makers, it and Huawei remain well behind the two market leaders in Apple and Samsung.

Australia’s most widely held mobile phone handset remains the Apple iPhone used by over 8.6 million Australians, up 16% on two years ago.

And Samsung are used by over 5.6 million Australians in 2018, virtually unchanged on two years ago.

See more from Roy Morgan’s Single Source (Australia) report here >>


    I didn't know that Telstra was actually a phone manufacturer?

      Telstra isn't but they have telstra branded phones which are manufactured by some Chinese factory and branded with the telstra name. It is the same with the old google phones, they where made by another company but branded with googles name.

        Ah - fair enough. Thanks for that explanation. Interesting though that they would outsell most of the other brands.

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