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Krispy Kreme has teamed up with Nutella to bring hazelnut spread-filled doughnuts to the Aussie masses. The Nutella Krispy Kremes will be available from tomorrow in two delectable flavours. Here are the details.


The NcNutella Burger (AKA Nutella Sweety) is a dessert-based burger exclusive to McDonald's Italy. As its name implies, it's essentially a burger bun filled with creamy hazelnut cocoa spread in place of a meat patty.

Sadly, the Nutella Sweety currently isn't available at McDonald's Australia - so we decided to make our own. The results were surprisingly good!


Whether you love or hate McDonald's, it can't be denied that its cheeseburger buns are pretty damn delicious. Sinfully soft and lightly caramelised, they arguably have more in common with a dessert than a burger. Well, it appears the chefs at McDonald's are in agreement: feast your eyes on the Nutella Sweety burger. Good lord.