Nutella Versus Vegemite: Which Spread Is Australia’s Favourite?

Nutella Versus Vegemite: Which Spread Is Australia’s Favourite?

February 5 is World Nutella Day. To mark the occasion, Roy Morgan Research has released a chart of Australia’s Nutella consumption habits divided by age and gender. It also compares how popular the spread is to Vegemite.

According to Roy Morgan’s data, around 1.2 million Aussies (or 6.4% of the population) chow down on Nutella or an equivalent choc spread each week. This is significantly lower than Vegemite and other yeast-based spreads which are consumed by 40.2% of the population in an average week.

However, Nutella is significantly more popular with the under-25 demographic; particularly teen girls aged 14-17 who are apparently three times more likely than the average Australian to eat choc/hazelnut spread in any given week.

In addition to age and gender, ethnic background also appears to influence Nutella consumption habits. In an average seven days, a massive 24.4% of Philippine-born Australians eat Nutella or a similar brand of choc/hazelnut spread. Other expatriate Nutella fans include Malaysian (9.5%), Chinese (10.5%), American (14.0%) and people from the Middle East (17.2%).

The research also found that frequent Nutella users are more likely than the average Australian to buy and eat chocolate, lollies and sweet biscuits week to week. Roy Morgan’s general manager of consumer products, Andrew Price, explained what these figures mean for Nutella manufacturer Ferrero and its competitors:

“The challenge for choc/hazelnut spread brands is to broaden their customer base across age groups, while ensuring their young consumers continue to enjoy eating them as they get older.

“Roy Morgan data shows that targeting consumers from different ethnic backgrounds could be one effective way of growing their market share.”

[Via Roy Morgan]


  • It’s not that i like vegimite more then nutella, it’s just that after emerging from my 20’s i now realize that vegimite is the healthier logical choice. But ill be dammed if i do not want some nutella right now 🙁

  • I know that as i got older, i seem to no longer want Nutella whereas i will probably always like Vegemite and i found as an adult don’t actually like Ferrero Rocher’s either

  • I love hazelnut, but one look at the sugar content of Nutella (and off-brand clones) put me right off!

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