• How To Prevent Beam-Based Hacks On Your Android

    Today in “it’s always a good idea to update your devices,” a recently discovered loophole in Android’s NFC-based file-sharing feature, Android Beam, makes it possible for someone to install an app on your device. The loophole has already been identified and fixed by Google in an Android update that went out last month, so diligent…

  • Optus Launches New Contactless Payment App For NFC Smartphones

    Cash by Optus is the latest mobile payments solution to enter the local market and the first to be offered by an Australian telco. Like other contactless payment systems, it allows customers to instantly pay for goods and services below $100 with their Android devices. Best of all, the service isn’t tied to a specific…

  • CommBank ‘Contacless Payment’ App Now Available For iPhone

    The Commonwealth Bank has finally released its latest CommBank app for iOS devices, following its launch on Android and Windows Phone platforms late last year. The new version of the app introduces a host of new features including a redesigned user interface and contactless NFC payments via an optional ‘PayTag’ sticker.

  • This $99 HP Box Adds Wi-Fi And NFC To Your Printer

    The HP JetDirect 2800w for FutureSmart Fleet has a name that only a deranged mother could love, but actually performs a useful function. Connected to a suitably recent HP printer, it enables printing from smartphones, tablets and notebooks via either Wi-Fi or NFC.