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You may have seen wallets or backpacks advertising RFID shielding, a protective covering designed to keep malicious ne’er-do-wells from scanning any items that contain embedded wireless receivers, like certain credit cards and passports. Sure, RFID shielding does prevent unwanted wireless transmissions, but with so little evidence of RFID-based theft, combined with the security measures present in today’s RFID tech, it doesn’t seem to be a threat you need to worry too much about.


Cash by Optus is the latest mobile payments solution to enter the local market and the first to be offered by an Australian telco. Like other contactless payment systems, it allows customers to instantly pay for goods and services below $100 with their Android devices. Best of all, the service isn't tied to a specific bank and uses your phone's inbuilt NFC which means no sticker is required. Hurrah!


The Commonwealth Bank has overhauled its mobile banking application with a host of new features including NFC instant payment options and a redesigned user interface. In an interesting break from tradition, the new app is landing on Android and Windows Phone platforms first, with iPhone users forced to wait until January.


Yesterday, the Commonwealth Bank announced a new banking app that will allow customers to make NFC payments on Android and iOS devices. Supermarket chain Coles is also launching NFC payments, which will initially be limited to a 5000 customer trial. While this news is definitely cause for excitement, there's no denying that Australia is lagging behind most of the developed world when it comes to NFC payments -- and a lot of the blame can be laid squarely on a certain phone company from Cupertino, California.


The HP JetDirect 2800w for FutureSmart Fleet has a name that only a deranged mother could love, but actually performs a useful function. Connected to a suitably recent HP printer, it enables printing from smartphones, tablets and notebooks via either Wi-Fi or NFC.


A new Aussie start-up is attempting to resurrect the physical mix tape for the digital age. ShareTapes are NFC-enabled plastic cards that let you 'record' music and video from media streaming services like YouTube, 8tracks and Spotify. Your mix tape playlist can then be accessed via most tablets and smartphones. This time, UB40 tracks will be optional.


Vodafone has begun Australian trials of SmartPass, payment application for Android phones which support Near Field Communication (NFC), creating yet another method by which we can make payments simply by tapping our phones on an appropriate reader. That could be very convenient, but the plan isn't without its challenges.