CommBank ‘Contacless Payment’ App Now Available For iPhone

CommBank ‘Contacless Payment’ App Now Available For iPhone

The Commonwealth Bank has finally released its latest CommBank app for iOS devices, following its launch on Android and Windows Phone platforms late last year. The new version of the app introduces a host of new features including a redesigned user interface and contactless NFC payments via an optional ‘PayTag’ sticker.

The new CommBank app’s main claim to fame is near field communication (NFC) ‘Tap & Pay’ functionality, which allows CBA customers to make instant MasterCard PayPass payments with their iPhone. This requires the customer to purchase a CommBank ‘PayTag’ NFC sticker ($2.99) which attaches to the back of your phone.

Users can then use the PayTag sticker to make contactless payments up to $100 by simply tapping their phone. (By contrast, the Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9505 and i9507) has Tap & Pay built directly into the app via their phone’s embedded NFC chip.)

“Our mobile customers can now leave their wallet at home and use their phone to pay for everyday items from a morning coffee to groceries,” CBA’s Lisa Frazier boasted in a statement. Maybe I’m doing grocery shopping wrong, but I can’t remember the last time a weekly shop cost under $100.

The CommBank app is available now from the App Store. It’s also still available from Windows Apps+Games and the Google Play Store.

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  • I feel like a total d!ckhead having to stick one of these to the back of my Nexus 5 when it’s got NFC built in it… I even have to switch the NFC off on it cause it confuses the eftpos machines if it has two NFC devices up close.

    • IKR! It’s so stupid. I don’t understand why they can implement it for galaxy s3 and not other androids like the HTC One and the Nexus. Total BS!

    • I dont think it does, it would just be preconfigured with your details on the tag and hasnt really got any connection between the phone and the tag other than you sticking it to the phone

      • The android version requires the user to activate the chip on each use. I would think the iphone system would be the same, apparently this is why there was a lengthy delay between the release of the iphone software. Having an nfc chip always turned on seems like a terrible idea for a bank.

    • Tag doesn’t talk to the phone.

      The tag is set up as a pseudo credit card on the bank side. You can activate and deactivate the ‘card’ (read PayTag) via the app and also change what account it is linked up with. It’ll work when the phone is dead also, assuming the PayTag wasn’t deactivated prior to the phone turning off.

      Been using mine with my HTC One since release and it works a treat. Haven’t had a need to turn it off yet.

  • To me, this seems like you’re gluing a credit card and phone together, a CC that’s specifically for purchases under $100. Sure, it’s one less thing to carry, but it’s also 2 things you can lose at the same time. Then the difference between using internal NFC and a sticker then becomes obvious — there’s no security around the sticker the way there is for internal.

    I also have a Nexus 5, and was hoping this would work with built-in NFC (especially since Google Wallet isn’t available here yet)…

    • It seems exactly like gluing a credit card and a phone together. In fact I think I might just glue my credit card to my phone and be done with it.

      • Good luck with that. I thought the sane thing and:
        1) it looks stupid if stuck on the outside;
        2) it didn’t fit on the inside of cases
        3) it was unreliable

        Based on others’ comment, it seems this NFC is cross validated with cba’s list of what NFC belongs to which customer’s account and whether it’s enabled or disabled (over the net as opposed to directly communicating with the NFC chip). However, it might be using another communication protocol like Bluetooth from the phone and receiver from the chip to so such tasks… I’m not sure if the absence of power on the sticker would rule that possibility out.

  • My understanding is that it doesn’t. The NFC chip presents itself generically to the EFTPOS terminal which then asks CommBank for the money, Commbank references the NFC chip to you, looks at the account you have associated with it at the time and debits the money appropriately.

    • I was able to fit mine between my 5S and the leather case. Had to be turned vertically and placed in the middle of the phone. HOWEVER, when I tried to use it the reader didn’t recognize it. Took the case off and tried it … worked. Apparently the case interferes with it.

  • Why limit yourself to your phone? Couldn’t I just as easily stick this on any object and touch it to the eftpos thingo?

  • Commbank app works a treat on my Galaxy S4. No sticker needed uses the NFC chip in the phone. Activate the screen, phone against terminal, and payment is taken. God send when you’ve forgotten your wallet

    • Just got the CBA sticker and placed it between my iPhone 5S and my Cygnett case and it does not work! Works fine if I take the case off. Frustrating.

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