Add An NFC Tag To A Watch For Easy Access Anywhere

Add An NFC Tag To A Watch For Easy Access Anywhere

Here’s a neat way to use an NFC tag: integrate one into your watch so you always have it with you.

As Node explains, the idea is simple. Take a cheap watch, add an NFC tag (and a MicroSD card, just so you have some storage with you all the time), and link it up with an Android phone to unlock it. Obviously, you can use your NFC tag however you see fit, and this is an inconspicuous way to keep it on you all the time.

How to Cyberpunk Your Cheap Watch [Node]


  • So what would the proposed application of the NFC tag is? I mean you can add bluetooth to a rock and it’ll have bluetooth but if there’s no application it’s still just a rock

    • Put one at your office desk tap to enable silent mode, put one in your car tap to start a GPS app or Waze, put one near your bed tap to make sure you turn on your alarm, put one near your wifi router to let friends tap it to connect to your wifi with no setup, put an NFC tag on your wall calendar tap it to open up your calendar app and add a new appointment.

      NFC tags help trigger an app or an action, each NFC tag is unique so each can serve a purpose. I use wifi triggers for sound profiles, you can do that with NFC.

    • I read something in a comment either on this site or gizmodo about ordering a Commbank Pay Tag and installing it in a watch clasp, so you can pay for stuff by tapping your wrist.

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