Dealhacker: The 10 Cheapest Naked Broadband Plans In Australia

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If the only reason you have a landline telephone is the internet, you might want to consider naked DSL. After all, why pay for a service you never use? To help you save money, we've gathered the ten cheapest offerings in this category so you can finally put the "house phone" out of its misery.

Broadband internet has become an essential service for nearly every Australian household. Landline telephones, on the other hand, are increasingly irrelevant. Unless you run a business from your home, there's very little reason to stay connected.

This is where naked DSL comes in. As its vaguely naughty name implies, this provides access to broadband internet without paying a line rental fee for the associated voice service. Going 'naked' can help cut down on monthly bills, removes clutter and stops telemarketers from cold calling you.

The following deals are for non-bundled naked DSL plans which range between $39.95 and $79.99 a month. The important thing to pay attention to is the included data — a super-cheap plan is no good if it fails to meet your usage needs. Unmetered content can help in this regard.

Use the below table to help narrow the field, then do some additional research to make a final decision. This is especially important if you're considering a lesser-known provider — see what actual customers have to say on Whirlpool and do an online search for phrases like “customer service” along with the company name.

You should pay particular attention to how long it takes to be connected as this can take a while when it comes to naked plans. You also need to check whether the plan is actually available in your area: naked broadband unfortunately isn't as ubiquitous as other broadband packages.

Here are the ten cheapest naked DSL plans in Australia. To find out more about a plan and/or sign up, you can click on the Details box.


    this provides access to broadband internet without paying a line rental fee for the associated voice service

    That is not true. The ISP still needs to pay a line rental fee. Granted it may be less than can be negotiated as an individual but they are still charged and therefore the person paying for the naked service will be charged.

    Last edited 31/10/16 3:27 pm

      That's just right. It would be good to see the price next to the equivalent plan with line rental.

        I've managed to get a very cheap line rental (less than $17 / month) which means I'd end up paying more to go Naked for the equivalent offering. I just have the extra burden of paying 1 more bill each month...

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