Adam Joins Upload Counting Trend

Adam Joins Upload Counting Trend

Adam Joins Upload Counting TrendOne clear trend in the Australian broadband market has been a shift towards plans that count both uploads and downloads in their monthly allowances. Once largely the domain of Telstra, these days it seems everyone’s doing it. Adam is the latest to join the fray, offering three new AdamEzyChoice plans that use that model.

$50 a month gets you 50GB, 100GB costs $75 and 200GB goes for $100. The plans offer shaping if you exceed your limits, and don’t include any peak/off-peak distinction. The same deals are also available for naked DSL for an additional $10 a month.

As we noted with yesterday’s price drop on Internode’s similarly-structured offering, whether this is a problem depends on your usage. Regular torrent users certainly need to be careful, as do people who routinely share video via YouTube. For others, it may not be much of an issue, and $100 for 200GB is one of the more competitive offerings around at the moment.



  • I don’t think you have this right!?

    FWIW Adam have always counted uploads, but you had a double data bonus (ie. Like most normal ISP’s if you were on a 40gb plan then once your downloads reached 40gb you would be shaped, but if your uploads reached 40gbs first you would be shaped. They were counted seperately).

    Everything I am reading about the new plan suggests they are not counting uploads in the data allowance, but are offering a 1:2 ratio (ie. if you are on the 200gb plan you will get a warning if you upload more than 400gb).

  • As an Adam customer I was a bit alarmed to read this, so I visited their site and read the small print. It’s not quite the same as Telstra – Adam do not count uploads as long as it remains under a ratio of 2:1. Quoted directly from their site:

    “Your download quota is not restricted to any time period. Once you have reached your download quota, your service will be shaped to 128kbps until your next billing month. Uploads are not counted toward your monthly data quota and are instead provided on the basis that your service does not exceed a ratio of 2:1 (uploads:downloads), exceeding this ratio will be deemed as Excessive Use as per the Adam Internet Acceptable Use Policy. 1GB (Gigabyte) is equal to 1000MB (Megabyte); 1MB is equal to 1000KB (Kilobyte).”

  • As the other commenters have said, this is a slightly better version of Adam’s existing policy.
    If you have a 60Gb/month plan with Adam, you get up to 60Gb of downloads during peak times, up to 60Gb of downloads in off-peak times or up to 60Gb of Uploads whevever… each is counted into a separate bucket, as soon as any one exceeds your monthly allowance, you are shaped.

    The new EzyChoice plans change the rules a bit, such that you can Upload up to a 2:1 ratio of your download allowance, is on a 50Gb plan you can upload up to 100Gb…
    Seems pretty fair to me, if you’re uploading more than 2 times your downloads, you probably start to fall into the hosting domain!

  • Yea, look you guys have got to change your headline, it’s pretty misleading. Adam isn’t doing what you are reporting, perhaps check your facts first?!

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