Adam Joins Upload Counting Trend

One clear trend in the Australian broadband market has been a shift towards plans that count both uploads and downloads in their monthly allowances. Once largely the domain of Telstra, these days it seems everyone’s doing it. Adam is the latest to join the fray, offering three new AdamEzyChoice plans that use that model.

$50 a month gets you 50GB, 100GB costs $75 and 200GB goes for $100. The plans offer shaping if you exceed your limits, and don’t include any peak/off-peak distinction. The same deals are also available for naked DSL for an additional $10 a month.

As we noted with yesterday’s price drop on Internode’s similarly-structured offering, whether this is a problem depends on your usage. Regular torrent users certainly need to be careful, as do people who routinely share video via YouTube. For others, it may not be much of an issue, and $100 for 200GB is one of the more competitive offerings around at the moment.


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