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Top 10 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Laptop

There’s no shortage of ways to repurpose an old PC, whether you’re just trying to make it work again or turning it into something else entirely, like a home server. Laptops, are special though — due to their small size and all-in-one nature, a bit of DIY work can turn…

The OUYA Doesn’t Actually Suck: How To Make The Indie Console Great

Everybody loved the OUYA until it came out, and then they realised it didn’t quite live up to its promise of becoming an inexpensive, independent gaming platform that rivals the big consoles. Regardless of what OUYA becomes, it is a great device when approached from the right mindset. Here’s how…

Boxee Beta Gets An Entirely New Look And Feel

Boxee Beta Gets An Entirely New Look And Feel

The Boxee team unveiled its upcoming beta release today. From the outset, it looks a whole lot more pretty and user friendly. Native search powers, media queues, much improved looks, and easier navigation are coming to computer-connected TVs soon.