I count 102 kilos. (Photo: A.RICARDO, Shutterstock)

How to Lift in Kilos When You’re Used to Pounds

The first time I lifted at a gym where the weights are in kilos, my well-honed plate maths skills became suddenly useless. The numbers were all different, the plates were funny colours, and yet, before long, I discovered I kinda liked it that way.

Graphic: Evannovostro, Shutterstock

Visualise Maths Problems With the Japanese Multiplication Method

In the age of smartphone calculators and voice assistants, multiplying large numbers by hand may seem like a quaint and entirely unnecessary skill. However, you never know when you’ll need to do quick maths, and the Japanese multiplication method (also called multiply-by-lines) can help you figure out the answer simply…

How To Calculate ‘Dog Years’ Correctly

How To Calculate ‘Dog Years’ Correctly

If you’ve ever multiplied your pup’s age by 7 to get some perspective on how old or young they really are, you’ve probably noticed the formula has its flaws. A new calculation is a bit harder to remember, but gives an answer that may be more accurate.