Put a Laundry Bag in Your Car for Dirty Masks

Put a Laundry Bag in Your Car for Dirty Masks
Contributor: Beth Skwarecki

The pandemic has made us question everything, laundry included. No longer are dirty clothes limited to coming off in the bedroom or bathroom; now we have to deal with masks that are removed on our way home from outings as well.

At first, I would hang my mask from the passenger-side sun visor, and then bring it into the house as soon as I got home. I still think that’s a fine idea. But then I would find other people’s masks scattered around the car. Recently I got into the car and found a pile of my husband’s favourite masks on the passenger seat. “Are these clean or dirty???” I texted him. “Argh,” he wrote back, “Most of them are dirty.” (We will skip over my horror at the word most.)

So here we are, eight months into pandemic life, and it has only just occurred to us that we need a way to neatly separate our clean and dirty masks in the place we most frequently take them off: the car. We keep the clean ones in one of those dashboard compartments that had no particular purpose in our pre-pandemic world, but that works perfectly to hold a dozen assorted sizes of masks. So all we needed was a spot for the dirty ones. Here’s what I did.

Photo: Beth Skwarecki
Photo: Beth Skwarecki

I grabbed a lingerie bag from my dresser — you know, one of those mesh dealies with a zipper on top — and I stitched a piece of elastic to its top corners so I could hang it around the passenger seat headrest. (Safety pins would have worked just as well.) If the headrest is not a convenient place in your car, you could pin or clip the lingerie bag to whatever spot works for you.

Now there’s a place to stash a dirty mask when you get back into the car. When I get home, I can grab the mask out of the bag and bring it inside — but if I forget, it’s still hanging there in the laundry bag instead of sprawled with a bunch of its brethren on the seat or floor.

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