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Some viral posts on Facebook refuse to die -- especially when they challenge users' intelligence. For the past couple of years, this quiz has been periodically popping up on the social media service to test the mental muscles of more than three million users. Apparently, solving the puzzle proves you have a higher IQ than the average person. Have a plug and see how you go!


Puzzles of logic are one of the best ways to measure your intelligence, quick wits and ability to think outside the box. The following selection of riddles, brain-teasers and numeric sequences are designed to separate the deep thinkers from the dunces. They start off easy and get progressively harder -- best grab a pen and paper!


The following test was developed by US psychologists to identify 'supertaskers' -- people who excel at completing cognitive tasks simultaneously. According to the study's results, just 2 per cent of the population are truly capable of supertasking, with most people's brains unable to handle the overload. Take the test yourself to see if you're that rare breed of human.


This video, developed by researchers at the University of Rochester is capable of predicting the IQ level of viewers in just 60 seconds. To take part in the test, simply watch the embedded video and follow the onscreen prompts.


If you're a Foxtel subscriber, you'll want to hope that you've got a generous download allowance with your ISP. The pay TV provider is launching its new downloads service on October 1, but while there's plenty of content, there's no announced deals in place for cap-free downloads. Here's all the news from today's Foxtel press launch.