Test Your IQ With This 60 Second Video

This video, developed by researchers at the University of Rochester is capable of predicting the IQ level of viewers in just 60 seconds. To take part in the test, simply watch the embedded video and follow the onscreen prompts.

...How'd you go? If you saw more movement in the large images than the small images, you're probably not the sharpest tool in the shed. This is because people with high IQs are better at filtering out distracting sensory signals and background movement than people of lower intelligence. In other words, smart people are actually less capable of detecting movement in the larger images. This 'motion perception impairment' is apparently a common trait among egg heads.

"How people performed on this simple task turns out to be a very good predictor of their performance on a standardized intelligence test," the researchers of the study claimed. You can read an overview of the sensory discrimination report here.

A Strong Interactive Link between Sensory Discriminations and Intelligence [Current Biology, via Gizmodo]


    Right, so I watched the vid - when do I get my I.Q prediction?

      Lifehacker is starting to turn misleading headlines into a true art form.

        Yeah, how does this test my IQ? All I learnt is that I'm not stupid. Thanks but I kinda already knew that.

    what happens if I saw movement in all images and they were equally easy?

      You get a telephone call telling you when you will die.

      Your head will probably explode.

    What a silly article. watch the video, learn nothing...
    Researchers may be able to predict someone's IQ by showing them a one minute video, asking them a series of questions and analysing the answers. Establishing a result will take much longer than one minute... You can work out my IQ in one minute, if I give you my answers to a standard 30 minute IQ test I've already completed

    I didn't watch the stupid video...does that make my IQ higher?

      Guessing you read the comments though.

      So no.

    What circles?

    This does not test IQ, it tests perception.

    Yip, I have an IQ

    I read it as if you notice movement easier in the smaller circle you have above-average intelligence and lower intelligence if you noticed movement in the bigger areas. THE HEADLINE ISN'T MISLEADING. It says TEST YOUR IQ, not YOU WILL GET YOUR IQ in 60 seconds. Grow a brain!!!

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