Can You Solve Facebook’s Infamous ‘Intelligence Tester’?

Can You Solve Facebook’s Infamous ‘Intelligence Tester’?

Some viral posts on Facebook refuse to die — especially when they challenge users’ intelligence. For the past couple of years, this quiz has been periodically popping up on the social media service to test the mental muscles of more than three million users. Apparently, solving the puzzle proves you have a higher IQ than the average person. Have a plug and see how you go!

I don’t claim to be the sharpest knife in the cutlery drawer — I once recorded an entire phone interview with my microphone in the wrong ear. Nevertheless, it took me about 10 seconds to work out this puzzle. Either I’m way smarter than I give myself credit for, or whoever created it was motivated by maximum shares.

The solution is dead easy once you’ve worked out the pattern. Let me know how long it took you to work out in the comments section below.

If you’re completely stumped, the video below contains a detailed breakdown from puzzle enthusiast Presh Talwalkar. (Note: You need to CLICK on the BOX with your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to make it play.)

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  • Around 15 Seconds looking at the thumbnail on the main page, simple enough.

    Should have probably gotten it sooner…

  • I like to post my answer so they can boost their following and engagement metrics. /s

    Edit: OMG, I got the first one. Minus and plus. I feel so smart

  • I solve these when they show up, but I never comment or share, because they’re rather condescending / insulting to my intelligence, as they get rebranded with “99% fail answer?!?!”, several emojis of clapping hands and the underlined “100” emoji, and at least three different page names slapped over the top.

    To me, these images are like “Like = 1 prayer, Share = 10 prayer”

  • To : Jayd
    From : Mum
    Subject : Fwd: re: re: fwd: re: re: :Re lol fwd: you will love this re: fwd: re:

    Thought you would like this

    lots of love,

  • I recognised the pattern in nanoseconds but the claim that solving the puzzle proves I have a higher IQ than the average person would be hotly disputed by friends and family members.

  • Three seconds. Add the two numbers for the last digits of the pattern, subtract the two numbers for the first digit/s of the resultant number. The answer is the combination of these two processes.

  • All this proves is how dumb people are getting, mystified by the most lame of quizzes.

  • (+) and (-) using both symbols in a plus sign. 8-5=3 8+5=13 = 313? Detroit what.

  • This was very easy, I got it instantly. If you know basic math BAM you already know the answer this proves NOTHING. puzzle*.

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