Take The ‘Supertasker’ Test To See If You’re A Genius

Take The ‘Supertasker’ Test To See If You’re A Genius

The following test was developed by US psychologists to identify ‘supertaskers’ — people who excel at completing cognitive tasks simultaneously. According to the study’s results, just 2 per cent of the population are truly capable of supertasking, with most people’s brains unable to handle the overload. Take the test yourself to see if you’re that rare breed of human.

Most people think they can multitask to some degree — but what they are actually doing is devoting 100 per cent of their attention to separate tasks in alternating intervals. A true multitasker (or “supertasker”) is able to simultaneously drive, do complex maths and respond to cell phone prompts all at the same time. [Note: Don’t attempt this at home, kids.]

To assess ‘supertasking’ ability in humans, researchers from the University of Utah devised a test that involved subjects trying not to crash in a driving simulation while performing memory tasks and analysing maths problems. A whopping 98 per cent of participants failed abysmally. But the remaining 2 per cent passed. In fact, some even performed better when the individual tests were combined.

The researchers have now released an online version of the test in conjunction with the University of Newcastle in Australia. The publicly available version substitutes driving for door control but otherwise, the test principles and difficulty level remains unchanged. If you manage to pass this thing, you’re kind of a Big Deal — feel free to skite about it in the comments section below.

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