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Apple's latest iPad Pro range has added something extra to every meaningful spec. They're faster, offer more storage, are slightly smaller and cost more. But are they a valuable replacement for a traditional computer and are they are worthwhile upgrade if you've already got an iPad Pro?


At Apple’s big October event today, the Mac-maker announced revamped versions of three products, two of which haven’t received this kind of treatment in a long time. Apple has only made the slightest upgrades to the Macbook Air since it was last redesigned in 2013, and there hasn’t been a new Mac Mini since 2014. There’s also a new and interesting update to the iPad Pro, if you’re looking for a device that straddles the line between laptop and tablet.

Everyone knows that the iPhone is the crown jewel in Apple’s lineup of products, but its second wave of announcements was nothing to sneeze at, either. Here’s the rundown.


Apple just announced a suite of new computers — new iPad Pros, Mac Minis, and a new Macbook Air. (We’re very excited about that last one). All of these shiny chrome devices are coming soon, hitting stores next Wednesday, November 7. Conventional wisdom dictates waiting for reviews before picking up new gear, but maybe you’ve been waiting to pick up your next tablet or laptop and want to pre-order it now.


With Apple expanding support for the Apple Pencil from the their iPad Pro to the regular iPad, it seems logical that there would be some competition coming through. But good Apple Pencil alternatives have been a little thin on the ground. That's about to change with Logitech making their Crayon available broadly, after initially launching it to the education sector.


Apple looks set to dump TouchID across the entire iOS device range in device updates that are coming later this year. Supply chain leaks and secretly captured pictures of iPhone 9 mockups reveal a future where your face is your passcode.


The iPad has shifted from being a content consumption device, when it was introduced in 2010, to a potential replacement for a laptop in some use-cases. And while it's not going to be able to replace every traveller's needs, it can suffice in many situations. But for that to happen, an external keyboard is essential. There are a few options but if you're looking for something that uses the Smart Connector then there aren't too many options around. One is the Logitech Slim Combo. Here's what I found after a couple of weeks of testing.


Aspiring artists can appreciate the utility of drawing on a tablet compared to your traditional paper and pencil setup. For one, no mess. But if you've got an iPad Pro, you've got the power to improve your artistic abilities when paired with the right hardware and apps designed to cater to your drawing skill and style. Even if you're not the artistic type, the benefits of learning to draw are more than the resulting work of art.


If you've got an iPad with iOS 11, you're probably getting used to the new gestures involved in navigating. From the always-on Dock to the new multitasking options, you'll need to figure out how to move your fingers around that screen if you ever want to ditch that laptop for good and go tablet-only.


Over the last few months, I’ve been using a 12.9-inch iPad Pro as my main mobile computer. Although I have Mac and Windows desktops at the two “fixed” locations I work from, I’ve been using the larger iPad Pro with a Smart Keyboard as my traveller. And, for the most part, it has worked really well. But a couple of limitations have really started to get to me recently.


Apple's iPad Pro and Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 look a lot alike. Both are big tablets, both connect to slim keyboard covers and both offer a stylus for drawing and note-taking. But after spending some time with these potential laptop replacements, I found that they're really quite different, particularly when it comes to productivity.