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How to Enable the 14 Best Hidden Features of iOS 14

WWDC 2020 is over and done. And while I greatly enjoyed Apple’s virtual setup for the week-long series of events, I had even more fun digging deep into the latest beta for iOS 14 to find all the interesting features Apple didn’t talk about in its big keynote. And now,…

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Stop Hoarding Apps With the Help of iOS 14

I have a lot of apps on my iPhone. You have a lot of apps on your iPhone. That’s just the of way life in the digital world. It’s gotten so bad that at one point, I had apps on my phone that weren’t even compatible with my iPhone X’s…

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How to Launch Actions in iOS 14 With a Tap on the Back

There are no sensors on the back of your iPhone for your finger to fiddle with — unlike, say, a Google Pixel, which does have a fingerprint sensor on the back — but a new feature debuting in iOS 14 allows you to tap the back of your iPhone to…