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I love holidays but there are two things that really bust my chops about taking some hard-earned R&R: the massive push before you leave to clear everything from your to-do list and coming back to a billion messages. While there’s not a lot you can do about the first problem, Slack is taking a crack at the second part - at least when it comes to messages. Highlights is an intelligence layer that the company says will transform the way people keep up with critical information and build connections at work.


Kik Messenger is a popular messaging platform used by about 15 million people each month. And that makes it a place that can be leveraged into a marketplace. From its humble beginnings as a way for Blackberry, Android and iOS users to seamlessly message, it is trying to broaden its horizons as it has been overtaken by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and others. The next addition to the Kik platform will be a cryptocurrency called Kin.


Now that we have SMS and Facebook, are the old instant messaging methods becoming obsolete? We recently posted power-up guides for Pidgin and Adium that were apparently of little interest to most people, despite both being the most popular chat clients on their respective platforms. It seems that IM just may not matter that much anymore.


Chrome: Google's chat feature is useful for sending quick IMs and starting video chat sessions, but you can only view it when you're on a Google page like Gmail. Google has released an official Chrome extension that detaches it from your browser, allowing you to view it no matter what web page you're viewing.


Linux: Many Linux users love to accomplish as much as they can utilising only the command line structure in Terminal. CenterIM lets you chat with your friends on GTalk, Jabber, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Chat, or AIM. Aside from the novelty, it is extremely resource-light and makes it easy to chat via SSH.


The iPhone offers up an ton of IM apps, some of which are very good, but none that are quite as good as imo. Imo hits the sweet spot thanks to its speedy operation, intuitive interface, support for many chat protocols, and keeping itself limited to just the features you really want.


The competition for best instant messaging client on Mac is tough, and while the platform is full of good contenders, we believe Adium wins out thanks to its high level of customisability, broad support for different IM services, and open-sourced codebase.