Use Hashtags In IM Conversations To Easily Find Info Later

Use Hashtags In IM Conversations To Easily Find Info Later

Hashtags are kinda silly and overly promoted in social media, but they can be useful for some things. For example, you can use them in chat conversations to find information or links you’ll need later.

If you’re like me, you have lots of movie recommendations, YouTube links and to-do reminders sitting in your chat history. When you’re having a conversation about something you’ll need to come back to, MakeUseOf suggests including a hashtag so you can easily search for it and similar suggestions later.

Of course, you’ll probably only want to do this with close friends or coworkers who won’t judge you for using hashtags in chat conversations.

3 Secret Ways To Use Hashtags You’ve Never Tried Before [MakeUseOf]


    • Could be useful if you use a third party app to back up your IM conversations, a few of the Skype ones allow you to search via hash tag.
      Personally, I don’t see the point – if I can remember to search for #moviereview – then I can do a plain text search for ‘movie’ or ‘movie review’.

  • Hangouts are saved in your Gmail archive as conversations (broken up by time), and they’re included when you search in your inbox, so if you remember a topic it’ll pull up the results as you’d hope for with a search function. No point looking like a douche using hashtags in a private conversation.

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