LAN Messenger Sends IMs Over A Local Network Sans Internet Connection

LAN Messenger Sends IMs Over a Local Network Sans Internet Connection

Windows: In most situations, IM apps like Hangouts will do fine for your instant messaging needs. If you need something more local, LAN Messenger can help.

Since LAN Messenger works over a local network, it won't break down if you lose internet access. Additionally, it automatically detects any other users on the network as soon as they install the app. For multi-storey homes or small business and offices, it's a capable backup with minimal setup.

LAN Messenger [via Make Tech Easier]


    Yep, have been using this for at least a year. There's another program called achat, which has its own positive and negatives.

    despite what the summary says, the client looks like it's fully cross-platform.

    I'd rather something that does voice as well. Particularly at a LAN party where the voice lag is very noticeable.

    I've tried many of these programs and settled on Tonic - As it's page show's it's a little long in the tooth now, but somehow it rose to the top of my list back when I was testing. Why now did LAN messenger get it's own post here over it's peers?

    Meanwhile, [via Make Tech Easier] - "The app is called LAN Messenger, and it can be found, free of charge, over at Sourceforge. It also works cross-platform – Windows, Mac and Linux."

    used an app called "pchat" IIRC, way back in 2009. Was really great for zero-hassle LAN-confined chat.

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